Ben Marlowe
 Outside view of Maribelle Leavitt Yud Gallery

Contemporary Jewish Museum

The Yud Video Project at the Contemporary Jewish Museum curated by Pierre-François Galpin & Sophie Schwabacher. Expanding on the contemporary art exhibition From Generation to Generation: Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art’s focus on recollections and reconstructions of the past, The Yud Video Project’s theme is “Memory.” Through the format of video and ever-accessible technology, moments are now recorded with the utmost ease and then translated into saved memories. However, edited video has tremendous power in recreating, rethinking, and reconstructing these very same moments.

The show will be up from November 25, 2016 to July 9, 2017 in the Stephen and Maribelle Leavitt Yud Gallery, one of the most beautiful gallery spaces in The CJM’s Daniel Libeskind designed museum.